Happy Easter

(Photo by my friend Debbie, ordinarycreative.com)

Happy Spring, Happy Easter!

This year we took the risk of hatching eggs in an incubator. We did our research and understood that there are many variables and only a couple may hatch, and possibly none at all. And if they hatch they could all be roosters! These are high risks for an amateur chicken family.

We ordered our eggs from My Pet Chicken. Our son Austin’s motivation was purely to experience the process of incubating eggs and hatching chicks, but I had my own agenda; to diversify our egg basket colors.

Did you know there are over a 100 breeds of chickens??

This doesn’t even begin to capture the amazing variance and uniqueness in chicken breeds. We took a gamble with our order of eggs. We ordered the intensive color batch but breed unknown.

Once we hit the buy button we quickly went to Amazon and started researching incubators. Who knew how complicated that would be? We even took a 40 minute drive to the nearest Fleet Farm hoping for some insight and direction and ended up with a nice litter tray for the bunnies but no help with the eggs we just ordered. We ordered this incubator from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KD75VHW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_pVDSAbDP1XDK8

We read lots of reviews and being that we didn’t really know what we were doing this seemed like the best choice. But the translated directions did not help us. After watching numerous utube videos we finally figured it out, but the reference to “calling your agency” still confuses me. I wish I had a “how to use my incubator” agency, but I guess I do – utube!

We anxiously awaited our phone call from the post office that our eggs had arrived. Due to fragility of eggs they don’t deliver them to the home. We were so excited we made one trip to the post office prematurely. On the second trip we picked up our box of eggs!

It did seem strange to go to the post office to pick up eggs to hatch. We were so excited! We opened the box so carefully! We were so excited to check out the eggs. We were pleasantly surprised with a list of the breeds included in our box. We had read that we needed to wait 24 hours with the big part of the egg up to reduce air bubbles. It was hard to wait!

We got the incubator all ready. Turned it on and waited.

We did research on the eggs and breeds and made a sheet with pictures and info about each of the eggs.

Finally we put them carefully in the incubator!

And now the true waiting began – 21 days! We kept a careful watch and I hoped and prayed for some to hatch. We tried using a flash light (candling) to see if baby chicks were growing but we couldn’t tell. Our incubator was self turning so we didn’t need to turn them every day. We lost one egg in the middle due to the incubator being closed incorrectly and piercing an egg by mistake. We were super sad. And a couple days before they were due to hatch one of the eggs starting bubbling. I thought maybe that was the sign of a hatch starting but our eldest Sierra said it smelled terrible and something must be wrong. She was right. Austin went to utube and we learned something must be wrong with that egg and to get it out immediately before it affects the other eggs. So we were down to five. The directions said to take the tray out for the last couple days and increase humidity. The biggest challenge was maintaining the right temperature and humidity in the incubator. It was a gamble. We hoped and waited.

And then on the 20th morning I went downstairs and called up to the kids that the first one had hatched!!! It was so exciting! We peeked at her but didn’t really know what to do. Some say leave them in the incubator till they are fluffy others say take them out right away. We took her out after she had fluffed a bit and held her and marveled at the new life.

We put her back in the incubator hoping she would encourage her friends to hatch! By afternoon there was another hatch.

It was pure magic. But the best was yet to come! That night just before we went to bed Sierra noticed one of the eggs moving. She was convinced that one was about to hatch. We wanted to actually see it happen. So we waited and waited and just before I was about to say we had to go to bed. We watched the little chick work so hard to get out of her shell! We felt so privileged to watch this new life come into the world. We were all emotional and then the kids starting singing happy birthday. It was a really special moment I know I will always remember and I hope they do too.

We moved them into their new home – the brooder – and made sure they stayed plenty warm, that they ate and drank water. We held them and snuggled them every chance we could!

By the morning of the 21st day they had all hatched. The little brown one was the last to hatch. She seemed the most fragile of the bunch. But we are happy to report that the new chicks in town are all doing great!

We are happy we took the risk and did the incubation chick adventure. When we started this chicken adventure my goal was for the chickens to provide opportunities for us to connect and seeing these sweet little chicks hatch certainly did that! And now we wait again for the beautiful eggs to come in SIX MONTHS, hopefully by the end of the summer! And we have to figure out how to make sure they are welcomed to the flock of chickens we already have. For now they are growing inside the porch with the bunnies and they are growing fast! The chicks remind us to pause, slow down and enjoy the moment. I wish you a Happy Spring, a Happy Easter and a pause button.

Lucky Louie

I always wanted to write a book. I’m pretty sure it started when I was a little girl. My dad, little brother and I wrote a book together on construction paper with magic markers. My mom came across the book recently and gave it to me.

I wish I could remember my dad sitting with Andy and I at the kitchen table writing it but the memories fade. I am so grateful for the tangible evidence.

My dad was behind the scenes encouraging us to write and draw. This was his drawing of a tree house in our story. He also built us an actual tree house one summer with a dolly and working windows with locks.

I love this page in the book with my writing on top and my dad’s on the bottom. I love how clear it is in the pages that it was a project we did together. I really love the beautiful example this is of creating and connecting.

Thirty years later I decided to write another book with my children inspired by a real life event.

We got my mom a puppy for her birthday. That event inspired me to write “Lucky Louie.”

Times have changed in the last 30 years. And in retrospect I wish we had sketched the book on construction paper with markers. Instead I wrote the book on my computer and the kids got to be the critical editors. It wasn’t the same creative connection my dad provided me but it did provide us many opportunities to connect through out the process. It was really fun and exciting when we received the first sketches of the illustrations. The kids helped me send the edits and changes back. It was awesome to see the story come to life.

We also learned a life lesson on setting a goal and seeing it accomplished. The book was shelved for several months. I got overwhelmed by too many editors and too much feedback. I sent it out and it didn’t get picked up by a the 10 publishers I sent it to. I thought that was it. I was rejected. Months later I did some emotional work with essential oils. I released my fears and self-published it. I have learned a lot about the publishing process and plan to keep writing. I am very grateful for all my editors and encouragers. We all have stories to tell and I hope “Lucky Louie” inspires you to share one of your stories. When we share our stories we create endless opportunities to connect.

“Lucky Louie” is for sale at our local book store in Oconomowoc, Books and Company, and on Amazon.

Backyard Chicken Cheerleaders

Last April we took the plunge into the world of backyard chickens. Our son Austin was the driving force as he loves everything that moves. Karen Krumenacher from Royal Roost gave us the encouragement, expertise and support to go for it. I wanted to do it not just for the beautiful delicious eggs but for the opportunity to bring our family closer by sharing in the care of chickens. Now almost a year later I can honesty say it has been AWESOME. We are huge backyard chicken cheerleaders!!! I wish everybody could experience the joy of backyard chickens.

Our coop is built from repurposed materials: a moving crate, windows from a show room, and other materials from a junk yard. I spent a lot of time online looking for a coop. An experienced chicken keeper built our coop inspired from Pinterest pictures with Austin’s help. I love our coop, it is a happy home for our chicks!

We love feeding our chickens! Birdie enjoys feeding them by hand. During the summer it gives me great satisfaction to feed them weeds and scraps from the garden. Year round we bring them lots of our leftovers! They love to eat leftovers and we love what would have been wasted food now goes to the production of our eggs.

We like to let them free range in our yard when we can but we learned the hard way that they don’t always stay in the yard. We did have a dramatic afternoon when they wandered into the neighbors yard and their sweet Burmese Mountain dog tried to send them home and actually brought one home in his mouth. That chicken had a small cut and did survive. We built a chicken wire fence to discourage them from going that direction which has worked but then they started venturing in the other neighbors yard and they didn’t care for them pecking around in their flower garden understandably. So now they get limited free range time when we can keep an eye on them and make sure they stay in our yard. I love watching the dogs and the chickens. I actually think our Teddy Bear dog thinks he is part chicken. This spring we hope to add some more fencing so they can free range in our yard safely and eat all the ticks!

We have learned a lot from our chickens! I had no idea the endless learning opportunities they would provide us. When they were baby chicks the kids had to watch the temperature and make sure they were warm enough. We had to research what not to feed them, which isn’t much, but oranges are on that list. We learned they love watermelon and we learned they love a good dirt bath! The dirt bath is chickens dry shampoo. The dirt baths prevent mites and lice from finding a home in their feathers. Yes they can be destructive but they are so funny to watch it is so worth it! I eventually learned that they would leave marigolds alone.

When the first eggs started showing up it was almost as exciting as Christmas morning! This cute little egg was a great addition to our garden harvest. And the best part of the eggs is we get to collect them all year.

Birdie has enjoyed the job of collecting eggs and if it’s after dark we go together with a flash light!

I read so many different articles about how to get through the winter with chickens. There are many different opinions about whether to add heat or a light. We are trying to keep it simple but when we had over a week of sub zero weather my kind husband, who didn’t even want chickens, installed this little heater to keep the ladies safe from frostbite. We have not added a light to encourage more laying. We are content with the eggs the chickens produce naturally and we hope this approach leads to happy chicks who lay eggs for a long time.

We added some artwork and a mirror to their coop.

This lady looks pretty proud! Are these the same two love birds?

Yes we are in love with the chickens but in order for this to be a complete story I have to share it isn’t easy and all rosy. It is work. We’ve worried a lot about the ten additions to our family! We’ve had a sick chicken that made me worried sick. The kids help clean the coop and collect the eggs. Sierra has filled in for me when I’ve traveled being in charge of bringing them fresh water. But as with most pets the kids have lost some interest and I am the main caretaker. But I am ok with that. I find something so refreshingly simple and satisfying in taking care of our chickens. I love their little sounds and their pecking about exploring. Many times when I head out to take care of our chickens one of the kids will join me and we will connect and to me that is so worth it.

Our chicken adventure is continuing! We are giving a try at incubating eggs to diversify our flock. We are counting the days and cheering for some happy chicks to hatch!

* Disclaimer, my sweet patient husband, is pretty certain that we are not saving money by having our backyard chickens. But the smiles are worth the investment.

* I do think the drop of Young Living Oregano essential oil in our chicken water has helped keep our flock healthy.

The New Years Opportunity

I recently hosted an event with my Young Living business builders and supportive friends. I called it a Healthy Happy Hour and invited them to come work on releasing emotional blockages and set affirmations and goals for the New Year. I am so grateful for the women that surrounded my dining room table that night and that we have chosen this wellness journey together. I believe to create the life we want to live everyday takes a community of support to inspire and encourage.

We talked about the amazing benefits of taking a few minutes to quiet the mind and meditate. The meditation I have recently fallen in love with is called Loving Kindness meditation. It is a style of meditating where you start by blanketing yourself with loving kindness through a few phrases. I have settled in on the phrases pictured above. There are many variations and you can come up with loving kindness phrases that resonate with you. Then you think of someone you are close to and send them loving kindness. Then you send loving kindness to someone you are having difficulty with in your life, then a neutral person such as the check out clerk at the grocery store, and then you end by sending all beings loving kindness. I was introduced to this style of meditation through my app Insight Timer just by chance and now attend a class at Rooted in Mindfulness in Brookfield on Monday mornings. It is an amazing way to set the tone for the week.

We discussed the value of being in a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset for our wellness journey. We may intend to be in a growth mindset but sometimes we find we get stuck in a fixed mindset and if we can recognize those moments and move back to a growth mindset the opportunities are endless.

We discussed the amazing power of tuning into our cycles to maximize our energy and creativity. When we aware of where we are in our cycle we can better support our bodies. Check out the Period Coach to learn more ways and why it is so important to tune into your body.

We walked through the Aroma Freedom Technique developed by Dr. Perkus. It is an amazing technique to release negative thoughts and develop affirmations and goals.

We added some powerful healing crystals to the night with Labadorite. I found the Labadorite crystals at Free Spirit Crystal shop in Butler. I highly recommend an outing to this special shop. Everyone took home their own small Labadorite crystal and a small roller of the memory release blend which includes Frankincense, Stress Away and Lavender.

My dear friend and business leader, Meg Michaelson shared insight on how to use essential oils for emotional support. She also shared her intuitive gift with guests that were interested in being open to her intuitive guidance.

Everyone received their own Affirmation Card as another tool for meditation and self reflection and that is truly why I love New Years! It provides us with this amazing opportunity for self reflection and whether we pick a word for the year, or set a specific goal my hope is to inspire self reflection and for each of us to create the life we want to live everyday! Happy New Year, I hope your 2018 is the best yet!

Gift Giving

Tis the  season of gift giving with all the bows, long lines at checkouts, sales and frenzy. I grew up in a family with out a holiday wish list. We gave gifts the old fashioned way where you go to a store and buy something for someone that you think they may like. It was all about the search for that perfect gift for my mom, dad or brothers that they would open and be excited about. The gift was to capture that I knew them and what they liked. It was to be a celebration of our relationship. There were some hits and for sure some flops too, that was all a part of it. My mom did teach us that if Grandma gave us something we already had we smiled politely and said thank you. I remember it all fondly. Other families I knew had holiday lists and that approach certainly has some merit as it reduces the need to battle the return lines. But for me something is lost when you purchase a gift for someone from a link that they email you. Where is the excitement and the anticipation of opening, where is the celebration of the relationship? My kids love the idea of a list as my teenagers rationalize with me that they are truly making my job easier. The compromise I’ve made with them is we at least have to shop together and spend time together and then I let them pick out what they like, wrap it and under the tree it goes. But I am still left trying to find ways to celebrate relationships at the holidays in other ways.

The last couple years I have turned the holiday gift giving tradition into an opportunity for a creative outlet and I make essential oil infused gifts. I like to think that they are gifts of wellness that people enjoy as some report. It is the best I can do to resolve this dilemma of gift giving.  And this year my homemade gift is my favorite yet. I like to think of it as a gift that I hope truly brings people peace this holiday season through meditation. I like to think about the person I am making the gift for and I try to pick a fabric that I think is just right for them. As I sew it carefully (I am actually not very good at sewing, so if you get one don’t look too closely) I think about our times together as I fill it with rice and add some essential oils. I think about the words in the loving kindness meditation – May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful and at ease. And in the end that is truly what I hope for all this holiday season. May all beings be happy, be well, be safe, be peaceful and at ease.



I hope my eye pillow wrapped with a pretty bow brings my family and friends a few peaceful moments and shows them the appreciation I have for them in my life – a celebration of our relationship.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving

88B36B9D-6A5D-45B9-A8FC-3B03BC5444E3Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it is not because of the turkey feast! I love how Thanksgiving has become a celebration of gratitude.  Harvard and Berkeley studies over the last couple decades have consistently found that people who practice gratitude report fewer symptoms of illness, including depression, more optimism and happiness, stronger relationships, more generous behavior, and many other benefits.

If you are interested in developing a gratitude practice I recommend the Gratitude365 app. The app provides a place to write and upload pictures. I have seen the positive impact in my mindset by adding a daily gratitude practice.

I also love lists! Join me and make a list of what you are grateful this thanksgiving.

1. I am grateful for FAMILY.

2. I am grateful for FRIENDSHIP.


This summer I observed friendships form among these sweet girls. It didn’t matter that they weren’t all the same age or spoke the same language, they became fast friends because of their kind hearts. 💚

3. I am grateful for NATURE. My walks/runs/skies through Nashotah Park, Lapham Peak and the mountains when we get out west fuel me.

4. I am grateful for the LAKE. I treasure the memories on the lake and the peace it inspires.

5. I am grateful for all our PETS. They are loyal, they are soft and cuddly, they are interesting, they teach us responsibility, some provide us eggs, they are a part of our family!

6. I am grateful for our GARDEN. I do not have a green thumb but with the encouragement of my brother Rob, his wife Susie, my friends Sarah, Rania and Melissa we enjoyed a beautiful and tasty harvest from our garden. Some of my favorite times this summer we’re afternoons working in the garden and Birdie keeping me company playing in the hose.

7. I am grateful for my JOB with Young Living and all the opportunities it provides me.

8. I am grateful for all the LOVE in my life especially from my husband, my high school sweet heart, my best friend, my adventurer. I am grateful that he helps me not take life too seriously!

Why I choose Young Living?

img_5680I love how essential oils have become so mainstream that the Westin Hotel puts a lavender balm next to your pillow. I am no longer called Susie the crazy oil witch! I no longer have to educate about the benefits of adding essential oils to our wellness routine, but I do need to share with people why this free vile of lavender balm from the Westin Hotel is different then Young Living’s bottle of essential oil. Fortunately it is pretty simple – the ingredient list and the Young Living Seed to Seal Guarantee make all the difference. Young Living essential oils do not have long ingredient lists, they only have the pure essential oil on the label.  No fillers, no junk, no extra stuff!! They don’t have warnings to not put on your skin, to only use aromatically or to not ingest. In fact Young Living developed a line of FDA approved essential oils for ingesting – their Vitality Line. Young Living oils are 100% pure essential oil and that is the difference.

It is the Young Living Seed to Seal guarantee and their open farm policy that gives me complete confidence in their products. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit their farms and see first hand the integrity in which they do every step of the process. The farms are open to the public so you can visit too! They are the leaders in the industry not just in the number of years they have been in business, not just in sales and not just in the amazing number of products (+600), but they are also leaders in philanthropy. The Young Living foundation engages in communities all around the world and makes a positive impact on people’s lives.

I chose Young Living five years ago and today I continue to choose their products again and again to support my family. I am grateful to have found awesome clean products and a community of people trying their best to live their best life.

At the Young Living Convention 2017 the key note speaker was Shawn Achor – a happiness researcher. My favorite quote from his speech:

“Happiness is a choice, it spreads and is an incredible advantage.”

My Top Ten Young Living products that I choose Daily:

  1. Lemon Essential Oil – a drop in my water daily to cleanse and detoxify.
  2. Love Potion – my essential oil perfume of choice made with Joy, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Balsam Fir essential oils.
  3. Peppermint Oil – a lift before a work out, a drop for a headache and for fresh breath!
  4. Progressence Plus – my hormone balancer.
  5. Endoflex Essential Oil – a minty fresh smell, that gives me a lift and helps turn on my metabolism and endrodrince system.
  6. Ningxia Red – a shot with a drop of Thieves and Lemon keeps me healthy!
  7. Present Time – my favorite oil blend, smells amazing and helps me slow down and be present.
  8. Young Living Supplements – they are clean and an awesome addition to a whole food diet. My personal favorites are Essentialzymes-4 to aid in digestion, and Inner Defense is my immune booster when feeling worn down!
  9. Savvy Uptown lipstick – love love the new make up line!!!!
  10. Everything Thieves – Thieves Toothpaste – why would I want to use a toothpaste twice a day with a poison control warning if ingested – that makes no sense! Thieves Household Cleaner – one cleaner for the whole house! Thieves hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap – everything Thieves to fight germs in our house so we can stay healthy and do all the fun things we love!

The list could go on and on and is always changing but these are some of the daily Young Living products I choose daily.

Life is full of choices and I will continue to choose Young Living and I choose HAPPY!!! What do you choose?

Order your Young Living products today.

Fall Open House

Last week I hosted a Create and Connect Fall Open house.  I started hosting these events last fall to provide the opportunity for people to get together and make something infused with essential oils.  And now going into year 2 of hosting these events I am more motivated then ever to continue because not only are they fun for me to host there is scientific evidence that these opportunities are so good for us!!!

A friend recently shared a Ted Talk by psychologist, Susan Pinker.  She studies what commonalities can be found among centarians. She shared that one of the most significant factors in a happy long life is having a village of connected friends with in person face to face interaction.  My hope is that these Create and Connect events provide an opportunity to build our village.

Young Living essential oils are a wonderful healthy excuse to get together. At the Fall Open House we made essential oil inhalers, perfumes and face masks.

I purchased the materials from GotOilSupplies.com. They have awesome recipes and labels for make n’ takes. Their inhaler labels make what looks kind of like a tampon into a really cute inhaler.

There are so many cute labels and roll on bottles on etsy. One of my favorites is Silver Orange Boutique. She has an awesome selection of spray bottles and roll on bottles with colorful fun labels! Another favorite that I discovered from convention is Whimsy Wellness. They put healing crystals in their roller bottles and as the roller balls which creates this awesome synergistic healing energy with the essential oils. And check back for a future post about the Aroma Freedom Technique 🙂


10 drops of Bergamot

10 drops of Orange

5 drops of Geranium

5 drops of Valor

3 drops of Joy


Create and Connect events are for the opportunity to connect but they also provide me the opportunity to clean my house, organize my Young Living inventory (using my OilyManager app) and cook for my friends which gives me great joy! I am having so much fun learning to cook with essential oils. They make it so easy, just a drop of essential versus chopping. Of course when thyme and oregano can be used from the garden that is awesome but when they aren’t in season the oils are a great option.

For the Fall Open House I made these keto eggs and zucchini muffins with a drop of oregano and thyme essential oil. They were a hit and I will for sure make them again.

(I don’t know how to flip the picture, the plate says “Life is better with CHICKENS” which is so true!)

I also made this detox cleanse soup full of lots of veggies. I topped it off with a couple drops of lemon essential oil. The lemon oil made the soup so fresh and bright. I would not motivate to make this soup if I was eating lunch alone but I love enjoying a healthy lunch with friends!

Thank you friends for coming! For giving me the opportunity to host and the opportunity for us to Create and Connect.

Sherry Turkle, psychologist, also shares how important it is for us to connect face to face in this digital world where more and more people are feeling isolated. We share online with our likes and posts but still need the time to share in person. I will keep hosting and I hope you will join me and together may we all have a happy long life!

In October, November and December I will be hosting Holiday Workshops. These Create and Connect events are open houses. Come for an hour or for 20 minutes. No need to worry about an RSVP just show up with your essential oils if you can. I will have fun containers, labels, and a healthy lunch until I run out and we will have the opportunity to Create and Connect and make gifts for the holidays! Hope to see you soon.

Thank you Diana Beilfuss for creating these awesome recipes! I hope they inspire some perfume/blend creating! 


My Top 5 DIY

Young Living essential oils have not only inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle and detoxify my home they have turned me into a DIY junkie!!! They have provided me with the creative outlet I didn’t even realize I needed. I love giving my essential oil infused gifts to family and friends. I have made a lot of different things and learned a ton on my DIY adventure. I want to share with you my top five diys.

  1. Fresh Breath Spray:  This is so easy and use useful! A spray bottleIMG_2577 from Amazon, Peppermint essential oil, water, and dash of Vodka for blending. Play with how much Peppermint oil you like. This is the best on the go breath freshener!
  2. Perfumes and Blends: I love making custom perfumes/IMG_2653blends as gifts. I like to call them “Perfume with Purpose.” Not only are they toxic free but they can also be immune system supporting and or emotional supporting. The options are endless. There is an art to blending aromas. We want to create a balance between high notes, middle notes and low notes so that no aroma is lost in a blend, but I am a big believer in using your nose and creating  blend that appeals to you. I do recommend keeping blends simple to just a couple oils.
  3. Salad Dressings: Essential oil infused salad dressings are awesome!!! The essential oils make them pop with flavor. You can make them fast ascitrus dressing you don’t have to cut and squeeze, you just drop a couple of your citrus Vitality essential oils with olive oil, garlic, and  adjust to your taste buds. I like adding a 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to my dressings.  Not only are the salad dressings tasty and easy but by adding essential oils they are detoxifying, and immune system supporting making them a salad dressing that is so good for you! Print a cute label and you have just created a great hostess gift for summer cook outs!
  4. Aroma Inhalers: These are a new favorite. This spring allergy season has been one of the worst. I use to take a Claritin a day to treat my seasonal allergies. Since I started using essential oils I have been able to manage my allergies with out an OTC aroma inhalerdrug and am able to just use my oils. I have found that I can best manage my allergies when I can use my oils in different ways. I always have a roll on with Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Copaiba. And this season I added the use of an aroma inhaler. I found great relief in being able to really smell the oils through the use of the inhaler. They are super easy to make and great to have with you on the go. I purchased my inhalers at Amazon.
  5. Bug Spray: Essential oils are awesome at making summer more fun keeping the pesky bugs away! There are lots of different recipes for creating an affective outdoor spray that combat bugs. A simple one right from the starter kit is 12 drops of Purification, 8 drops of Peppermint, 6 drops of Lavender, 4 drops of Thieves. The recipe that I use is the “McDaddy” of Bug Spray based on research that one of oily guru friends did – this recipe is awesome and I can attest to it working really well! It is a lot of oils but there is a reason for each one! Thank you Diana Beilfuss for this researched and thoroughly tested recipe! (5 drops of Purification, 5 drops of Palo Santo, 5 drops of Citronella, 5 drops of Clove, 5 drops of Celery Seed, 5 drops of Geranium, 5 drops of Tea Tree and 5 drops of Peppermint) This was our teachers gift this year and I have already heard from the teachers that they love it and can’t believe how well it works! This is also safe for dogs. I spray it on my dogs collar and it has really helped keep the ticks off them! IMG_3347

I’ve made essential oil infused – room sprays, cleaners, lotions, lip balms, bath bombs, bath salts, candles, sunscreen, bug spray, lots of perfumes/blends, fresh breath spray, aroma inhalers, face sprays, face masks, salad dressings, cookies, reed diffusers, bracelets, and necklaces. My top five are my favorites because they are easy to make, and they are useful!

The bath bombs, lip balms, candles and sunscreen are hard to make. There were times that I got it just right and they turned out great but there were plenty of times when the lip balm turned out too hard or the candle wick was crooked. The face masks are the biggest mess, though I do still really like them. You just have to be ready for the clean up.

My Rose/Frankincense face spray was my biggest flop. On a recent college girls trip I brought my oils and wanted to do a little diy on the fly with my college friends. We’ve been on trips before and they are use to me pulling out my Peppermint in the morning if we had one too many celebratory cocktails. But this time I wanted to dazzle them with a face spray that would keep us looking young! Something went wrong,  the Frankincense and Rose (two very special pricey) oils when mixed with water did not end up well! It ended up smelling like fish! It was terrible. I do not know what happened, maybe too much oil but I am just grateful that uncontrollable laughter is also supposed to help keep us young. It was a perfect example of less being more when working with Young Living essential oils. I am so grateful to have these amazing women in my life.



IMG_3316.JPGI’ve learned that some things are worth the mess and other things are not. I’ve learned that I love filling my kitchen with chit chat, and productivity. I’ve learned that people are busy and sometimes they don’t show up. I’ve learned to just take the plunge, read the recipe and try to make something. And it is all about the packaging and labels 🙂 Most of all I have learned how important it is to create and connect. Happy Summer!









Happy Mother’s Day

IMG_3297.PNGHappy Mother’s Day a couple days late. I almost missed Mother’s Day this year. Kids activities took us out of town and Mother’s Day was busy with travel and ended with a bike ride to the Kiltie. The actual day was not one of my favorites but what the day represents I love and want to celebrate.

We are blessed with a bluebird nest this spring in our yard. My youngest, Birdie, discovered it in the tree much to her delight. Inside the nest is a perfect little blue Robin’s egg. She knew not to disturb it so she jumped down from the step ladder with joy and told us all about it. We all went to inspect the beautiful blue egg.  Over the next couple days two more eggs appeared. We enjoy watching the proud mother flying about and sitting proudly on her eggs in her nest.

Last night storms came through with wild winds and pouring rain. Birdie asked me, “What will happen to the little eggs in the nest?” I said I did not know but I hoped the mama bird would protect the eggs and they would be OK. This morning we checked and the nest is still intact and the eggs are safe with the mama bird sitting proudly.

All I want to do is be like that mama bird protecting my sweet eggs. But life has taught me that we can do all we want to protect those we love but sometimes things happen and there is nothing we can do. I wish a mother’s love was a protective shield but it is not.

A mother’s love is never ending, is unconditional, is overflowing, is everlasting, is constant, it does surpass earth and heaven. A mother’s love is a light that can not be extinguished.

To my friends who have lost their sweet mamas from this earth know that your mom’s love goes on and on and on. And to all those moms who are here and are waterfalls of love let us celebrate each other and fill each other’s buckets and help each other.
I believe we are each trying our best to protect our children and at times we need help. Let us ask for help and be there for each other.

And to my mom your love is a constant and I am forever grateful. Happy Mother’s Day late, today and everyday.